Travis Kelce reveals what he wanted to say at White House mic

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Chiefs star Travis Kelce was intercepted before he could give a speech of his own at the White House. Here’s what he originally wanted to say.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the league’s best quarterback and best man-hawk as Patrick Mahomes quickly pulled Travis Kelce away from the White House microphone earlier this week.

It was an iconic moment during the Chiefs’ visit to the White House, one that President Joe Biden’s secret service agents no doubt appreciated.

But after Mahomes successfully neutralized the threat, the world was left wondering: What did Travis Kelce want to say on the podium?

Kelce, as always a man of the people, answered that question on the New Heights podcast he co-hosts with his brother, Jason Kelce.

He revealed that he only wanted to say four words addressing the nation from the White House.

“Burrowhead my a– motherf–kers!”

Just kidding, Kelce was actually much classier than that.

Travis Kelce nearly fulfilled a lifelong dream of addressing the American people

He just wanted to say, “To my fellow Americans…” That’s it. That’s the whole thing. “To my fellow Americans…”

Been watching a lot of West Wing much?

Jason Kelce rightfully points out how the way Travis Kelce took control of the mic led many people to believe he was about to embarrass himself. Kelce pranked Joe Biden with the oldest trick in the book (“Look! A bird!”), stepped up to the mic, and started with “So I’ve been waiting for this” before Mahomes recognized the weight of the situation and intercepted his tight end.

“So I’ve been waiting for this” is not a good opener. It’s used for breakups, awkward moments, and terrifying revelations, and Mahomes was a real one for stopping Kelce before he could get in the rest of his sentence. For all Mahomes knows, Kelce was going to dab on Cincy’s mayor like he did earlier this year or launch “jabroni” insults at various world countries. North Korea, they’re a bunch of jabronis. Russia? They’ve got the biggest jabroni ever. Hey, Mayor Aftab Pureval, you listening to this?

Well-known for his loud and rambunctious personality, Kelce has made headlines after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win for non-stop partying in Vegas and chugging beer off the Lombardi Trophy and then spiking it on stage.

Those are not the traits of someone who would get up at the White House podium, fix his tie, clear his throat, and say “To my fellow Americans…” Still, Kelce’s bashful confession on the podcast showed a pleasantly surprising side to him that makes him even more lovable to his fellow Kansas City-ans. Maybe we’ll even see Kelce perform some kind of buttoned-up White House-themed end-zone celebration this season.

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