Nakobe Dean perfectly explains Howie Roseman’s draft affinity for Georgia

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Nakobe Dean peeled back the curtain as to why Philadelphia Eagles general manager and noted Florida alum Howie Roseman drafts so many Georgia Bulldogs.

Former Georgia great Nakobe Dean has a great explanation as to why Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman drafts so many Dawgs, despite being a Florida Gator himself.

Dean appeared on Friday’s episode of Good Morning Football to talk Birds, Dawgs and BirdDawgs! After having been a huge part of Georgia’s national championship-winning defense in 2021, the unanimous All-American linebacker fell to the Eagles in the third round, helping them make their first trip to the Super Bowl since winning it all back in 2017. Of course, they needed more Dawgs!

Here is what Dean said about Roseman’s draft strategy, which is to get the best available players.

“I think our GM, Howie Roseman, did a good job drafting those guys this year. I think he picked the best available guys. I don’t think he’s got a thing for Georgia [players], especially being from Florida. I think he picked the best available guys. He called me a lot asking about those guys — Kelee, Jalen and Nolan. I want to feel like I had something to do with it. … After the draft, I sent him a little ‘Go Dawgs.’”

Dean and defensive tackle Jordan Davis were drafted out of Georgia last year. Last month, the Eagles picked up three more of Dean and Davis’ former college teammates in defensive tackle Jalen Carter, edge rusher Nolan Smith and defensive back Kelee Ringo. Not long after the draft, the Eagles traded for former Georgia star running back D’Andre Swift in a deal with the Detroit Lions.

Sometimes, you just need more Dawgs!

Nakobe Dean explains why Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman loves Dawgs

It is pretty simple really. Roseman’s perceived affinity for all things Dawgs has everything to do with Georgia being the preeminent program in the country right now, and not Roseman turning heel. For years, Alabama had the best players in college football. While the Crimson Tide still put a ton of guys into the league, it is the Dawn of the Dawg, as Kirby Smart looks to grow his empire.

While there is pretty much no way Roseman will draft every Georgia defensive player under the sun next spring, there is a pro football factory in Athens. As long as Smart and his staff recruits at a high level and the players continue to perform on the field, it will be so hard slowing down this mean machine in red and black. To me, there’s nothing finer in the land, but you’re also not me…

Ultimately, the Eagles should be in great shape as well going forward. They have a young star quarterback in Jalen Hurts, as well as a defense loaded with absolute … DAWGS! As long as Nick Sirianni can maintain a quality coaching staff, the Birds should be the word in the NFC. Roseman is about as good as they get from a front-office perspective, but Sirianni’s staff will be key in all this.

Look for Roseman to keep drafting the best players available, no matter what school they’re from.

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