NFL Rumors: Vikings make Kirk Cousins sweat, Cowboys franchise tag and Jets surprise QB target

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Zach Wilson, New York Jets. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

The Vikings are making Kirk Cousins prove it, the Cowboys are ready to unleash the franchise tag and the Jets have a surprise in the latest NFL rumors.

There is truly no better NFL rumors season than when things are about to start happening, but aren’t there quite yet. Aaron Rodgers is going to make his decision on retirement and his future with the Packers, but not yet. Derek Carr is going to sign somewhere, but not yet. And the list goes on as we are set to head to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine this weekend.

While the rumblings about Rodgers have slowed a bit since he emerged from his darkness retreat and while Carr is set to be meticulous in his free agency, there are still plenty of NFL rumors swirling around the league.

These three, however, stand out as particularly notable with the names and teams involved, especially in these instances.

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NFL Rumors: Jets have major surprise dark horse QB target

If there’s a big-name quarterback that is going to be or could potentially be on the market this offseason, you can believe that they’ve been connected to the New York Jets. Aaron Rodgers seemed like he was undoubtedly heading to the Big Apple (or, you know, the Big East Rutherford) at one point. Now the Jets could be the leaders for Derek Carr. And there have been rumblings about free-agent Jimmy Garoppolo or a Ryan Tannehill trade too.

But what about a dark horse apparently entering the fray now? One who is a familiar face?

According to SI NFL insider Albert Breer, the Jets are leaving no stone unturned, and that includes the possibility of bringing back Geno Smith to New York after his Pro Bowl season with the Seattle Seahawks.

“As for the Jets, it seems clear that Rodgers (under the right circumstances) would be their first choice, but this isn’t an Aaron-or-bust situation,” Breer wrote. “They’re exploring everything, from Rodgers and Carr, to Ryan Tannehill and Jimmy Garoppolo, to even the idea of bringing Geno Smith back or luring Daniel Jones from across town.”

Now, it should be mentioned that the possibility of bringing Smith back was floated in the same breath as the idea of stealing Daniel Jones from the Giants, so it’s worth taking this with a grain of salt. That grain gets even bigger with the expectation that Seattle will franchise tag Smith.

Even still, it goes to show just how diligent the Jets are willing to be in this quarterback market to try and get it right at the position going into 2023.

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