3 best early contenders to trade for Derek Carr in 2023 offseason

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Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders. (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

Derek Carr could make one of these three quarterback-desperate teams better upon arrival.

With Derek Carr on his way out of Las Vegas, do not be shocked if he is dealt in the coming weeks.

The long-time starting quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders will have to commence the second half of his NFL playing career somewhere else. Carr had been a stabilizing presence in a chaotic organization for nearly a decade, but all good things must come to an end. Since he is poised to land a guaranteed $40.4 million on Feb. 15, the Raiders will want to get him off the books by then.

Here are three contenders who could be in the market to trade for Carr and his robust contract.

3 early contenders to trade for Derek Carr during the 2023 NFL offseason


Washington Commanders

NFC East

Taylor Heinicke is fine, but Derek Carr can make Washington Commanders better

For the time being, the Washington Commanders find themselves in the awful middle of the NFL’s hierarchy. They have a good head coach in Ron Rivera, a loaded defensive line and plenty of interesting pieces offensively. Although Washington gets mostly good vibes from Taylor Heinicke, the former Old Dominion star does have a low ceiling. Carr could potentially elevate this franchise.

No, this is not going to be some Carson Wentz nonsense. Carr is actually liked by his teammates and could be a better version of what Alex Smith was for Washington before his devastating leg injury. In theory, Carr would provide the necessary stability under center Washington has long craved. They need a Kirk Cousins type of quarterback and Carr can be the rough equivalent of that.

There are three big issues with Carr potentially heading to the nation’s capital. One, he would be going from one very competitive division to another. Two, the Commanders need to replace Scott Turner as their offensive coordinator. And three, Daniel Snyder still owns the team. For as long as his name is attached to the Washington franchise, the Commanders will always be dysfunctional.

Carr has shown that he can thrive in chaos, but does he really want to dive head-first into it again?

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