Yes, the Deshaun Watson-Browns trade rumors are true and not a joke

Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans

Sidelined Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson could eventually be traded to the Cleveland Browns, according to Sports Illustrated NFL reporter. 

The legal issues surrounding the Deshaun Watson allegations have yet to be resolved, but one thing has become clear: there’s another NFL team who might be interested in trading for him.

Speaking with “Bull and Fox” on 92.3 The Fan, NFL insider Albert Breer revealed that the Cleveland Browns could throw their hat in the ring to acquire 2020’s passing leader and leader in yards per attempt (with at least 200 yards): Deshaun Watson.

By individual statistical metrics, Watson was one of the highest-performing quarterbacks in 2020, but being mired in the Texans organization only resulted in four wins. Then, Watson was faced with over 20 allegations of indecent assault, all of which are still under investigation.

As Watson waits for the investigation to reach a conclusion, so does the NFL, which could trade for Watson if he is cleared of all accusations.

Deshaun Watson-Browns trade suggestion is not a fake Twitter rumor

While Browns fans are already chiming in on whether or not they want Watson to be the face of their franchise, Watson is still a long way away from moving beyond the Texans bench. It’s been almost a year of silence from the Watson camp, but recently, Watson’s agent David Mulugheta spoke on how he anticipates the revelation of truth in Watson’s ongoing case.

According to Mulugheta, Watson is “super confident” in how his situation will eventually play out.

“I think anybody who’s met Deshaun knows who he is,” Mulugheta said. “We know what the truth is and that’s a good thing about the truth — no matter what, the truth is the truth. Whether it takes one day or two days or a year to come out, the truth is the truth.”

Mulugheta has been adamant about Watson’s innocence since the accusations first surfaced in March, implying that Watson’s accusers fabricated stories for financial gain.

If Watson is cleared as he and Mulugheta expect, then the Browns join the Dolphins as a contender for one of 2020’s premier passing talents.

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