Jerry Jones said the Cowboys would give up a home game to play a game in Mexico

Jerry Jones is not ruling out the Dallas Cowboys willingly giving up a future home game to go play one down in Mexico.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he would be willing to give up one of his team’s future home games to play one in Mexico.

While one would think Jones has fallen off his rocker to channel his inner Shahid Khan and give up one of his precious money-making home games willingly, Jones would be crazy not to do it. He is fortunate to own by far and away the most popular franchise in the NFL. There are Cowboys fans everywhere, especially in neighboring Mexico, so why not play a big-time game at Estadio Azteca?

If the Jacksonville Jaguars can play a game annually across the pond, then why can’t America’s Team play one just south of the border?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would schedule a future home game in Mexico

Jones has cemented his reputation as one of the most business-savvy minds professional sports has ever seen. Even though the NFL is the biggest league domestically, there are so many growth opportunities outside of the country. Once COVID finally subsides, there is no reason the league should not be playing games annually in Mexico. It should always be looking to expand its reach.

With the regular season now 17 games long, it would serve the NFL to use these additional 16 games as a means to play games outside of NFL media markets. Whether that is playing games in underserved metro areas domestically (Memphis, Orlando, Salt Lake, San Antonio) or outside of the country (London, Mexico, Germany, etc.), this is an opportunity the NFL needs to be all-in on.

With AT&T Stadium already home to the Southwest Classic (Arkansas vs. Texas A&M), the Big 12 Chamionship and the Cotton Bowl Classic, Jones can more than afford to “lose” a Cowboys home game to somewhere like Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

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