Tyron Woodley fires back at ‘clout chasing’ Le’Veon Bell after Jake Paul callout

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Tyron Woodley went after Le’Veon Bell for the criticism of his second boxing match against Jake Paul this past weekend.

On Saturday, Jake Paul defeated former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in their second boxing match via sixth-round knockout. As is the case after every Paul fight, thoughts are shared on social media and challenges are made for future bouts.

On Twitter, former Baltimore Ravens running back Le’Veon Bell laid out the challenge to box Paul and said the YouTuber should “stop fighting small dudes who can’t box.” Bell also said that Paul won’t fight him, citing his age, athleticism and that he has boxed “just as long as he has.”

After Bell’s comments went viral, Paul and Woodley teamed up to clap back at the running back. Paul said that Woodley would “drop [him] faster than the Ravens.” Woodley then called out Bell for “clout chasing.”

Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul call out Le’Veon Bell

Bell did respond to Woodley, saying that he is not looking to fight Paul for the money, as he is doing it to do something Woodley “couldn’t do.”

So based off this interaction, Bell may have set up fights with both Paul and Woodley. Which one comes first remains to be seen, if they even happen at all.

Bell signed with the Ravens three weeks into the 2021 season. In five games with Baltimore, Bell ran for 83 yards and two touchdowns on 31 carries. He was released by the Ravens back on Nov. 16.

This past Saturday’s fight was a rematch, as Paul took the first bout via split decision. Woodley took on Paul for the second time after Tommy Fury pulled out of the match due to a medical issue.

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