Man tries to sell Tom Brady Super Bowl rings after impersonating Patriots player

New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A New Jersey man pled guilty to impersonating a Patriots player in a scheme to produce and sell multiple Tom Brady Super Bowl rings.

Arguably the craziest story in Tom Brady’s career involves identity theft and a set of fraudulent Super Bowl rings. Even if Brady knew nothing about it.

Federal prosecutors revealed the wild tale after reaching a deal with a 24-year-old New Jersey man to plead guilty to five felony charges including wire fraud, mail fraud and identity theft.

Tom Brady’s name was used in a fraudulent Super Bowl ring scheme

In 2017, Scott Spina allegedly used a bad check to buy a Super Bowl 51 ring off of a Patriots player identified only by the initials J.T.

Spina sold that ring to a broker, then used the information he got from the player during the sale to impersonate him. He called the company that produces the Super Bowl rings and posed as the player to order three “family and friends” rings. Those three were engraved with the name “Brady” even though Brady never approved their creation.

The fraudster went back to the broker to try to sell the new rings for $81,500 claiming they were ordered for Brady’s nephews but the broker got suspicious and backed out fo the deal. Even so, Spina was still able to sell the rings to an auction house for $100,000. The auction house sold one of the rings for $337,219.

The scheme came crashing down when federal authorities came sniffing around and Spina admitted to the fraud. In addition to pleading guilty to the charges that could get him up to 92 years in prison, he also had to pay restitution to the Patriots player he impersonated.

That’s definitely not a story Brady could have dreamed he’d be connected to.

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