Watch: Patriots, Colts fight results in ejections for both teams

Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots

The Patriots and Colts were starting to get chippy on Saturday night and things came to a head with an on-field fight that led to ejections. 

Much to the shock of many NFL fans, the New England Patriots were getting worked by the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday night as the two teams faced off. Naturally, that led to emotions getting a little heated.

After a Pats defensive stop and Indy field goal try, Carson Wentz and Matthew Judon were jawing at one another. But that was just the tip of the iceberg for these two teams.

Later in the second half on what seemed like a pedestrian play for the Colts offense, Indianapolis wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. and Patriots safety Kyle Duggar started going at it, pushing, shoving, throwing some sort of punches, and just about everything you could see in an NFL fight.

Patriots, Colts fight results in ejections for both teams

There was a pause in the game while the officials reviewed and discussed the kerfuffle but, as expected, both Pittman and Duggar were ejected from the game.

Neither player looks particularly wholly at fault, though Pittman did seem like he might’ve been the initial aggressor. With how this game was playing out, though, the more likely story is that tempers just flared and resulted in an ugly little moment.

Not long after the fight, though, the Patriots got the ball back and got on the scoreboard for the first time on the night. The Colts (and Pittman especially) better hope that the incident didn’t wake New England up.

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