Jaguars fan runs on field during TD, wants glory (Video)

This Jacksonville Jaguars fan ran on the field to help celebrate a James Robinson rushing touchdown before it happened.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been through enough, so why would we not praise a fan running into the end zone to help celebrate a James Robinson touchdown?

Though the witch might be dead, the Jaguars are still a terrible football team. While they may have doubled their win total from a season ago, who knows how many wins they would have had if Urban Meyer had not placed Robinson in the dog house? Not only is all of Duval celebrating this most glorious touchdown, but good for this fan to make his way down from the pool for this.

Not since the late, great Hank Aaron hit No. 715 has a fan played as crucial of a role in celebrating a big play for his team on the field.

Simply put, this photo should be framed and hung up proudly in the home of any Jaguars fan on either side of the pond.

Jacksonville Jaguars fan runs onto the field to celebrate a touchdown

For a team that has had one winning season since Shahid Khan bought the team over a decade ago, you got to enjoy the little things. Robinson had a fantastic rookie year out of Illinois State with the Jaguars a season ago, but for whatever reason, he did not jive with Jacksonville’s former head coach this year. This touchdown is a celebration of the absolute worst being behind the franchise.

It remains to seen who Jacksonville can get to replace Meyer. Usually, Khan is a patient owner and more than willing to give his head coach every opportunity to succeed. Look no further than Gus Bradley and Doug Marrone getting four years on the job apiece. However, the toxicity emanating from the brief Meyer era needs to be fumigated out of the building before anyone takes over.

Not that the Jaguars needed a second mascot, but this guy deserves to never have to pay for a drink in Duval County for the rest of his life.

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