Cowboys: Why the Giants really signed Jaylon Smith, revealed

Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants

The New York Giants needed a new linebacker, so they went out and snagged an available linebacker who used to play for the Dallas Cowboys: Jaylon Smith.

It never hurts to add some depth and find a way to troll a key rival in the process. That’s exactly what the New York Giants did when they went out and added Jaylon Smith, a talented linebacker with some solid potential.

You see, Smith used to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys, a division rival for New York. Now, Smith gets a chance with another team the Giants get some much needed depth and talent at a position that has been depleted and they’re also getting someone who is very familiar with the way their rival works.

It’s a win for everyone involved. Except maybe the Cowboys. The folks in Dallas may not count this one as a win.

New York Giants add former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith

Of course, all of this is happening right before the Cowboys and Giants face each other. Sunday afternoon, Dallas will play at New York, giving Smith the perfect chance at revenge against the team that drafted him and apparently gave up on him.

With the way the Giants have seen their starting lineup impacted by COVID-19, they needed someone who could potentially come in and make an impact (and also just flat out be physically available to play).

Smith fits the bill there.

It’s not clear how much of an impact Smith might have with New York, assuming he gets to play. But the Giants, like many teams around the NFL right now, were scrambling to find the best available option. With his talent, Smith isn’t necessarily a bad option. Who knows how quickly he’ll pick up the Giants’ defense, but his familiarity with Dallas gives him a potential advantage on Sunday.

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