Packers get bailed out by refs on muffed punt vs. Bears (Video)

Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers almost fumbled the ball on a muffed punt by Amari Rodgers, but they were bailed out by a Chicago Bears penalty.

The Chicago Bears put up a hell of a fight early on against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. Chicago had as large as a 24-14, but the offense led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers was just too much for the defense to handle. But, the Bears almost made it a real game in the fourth quarter.

With the Bears down 38-27, they punted the ball back to the Packers. But, rookie wide receiver Amari Rodgers muffed it, allowing Bears running back Damien Williams to recover it in prime scoring territory. The problem is, the fumble was negated due to Chicago defensive back Kindle Vildor being penalized for running out of bounds during the punt.

Take a look for yourselves.

Packers bailed out of muffed punt by referees

It was a rough call for the Bears, as they had to re-punt the ball back to their rivals. Unfortunately for them, things got much worse on the scoreboard.

Rodgers orchestrated a lengthy, time-killing drive, culminating in a three-yard touchdown pass to star wide receiver Davante Adams to extend their lead to 45-27. The drive in question was 14 plays long, and killed 8:38 off the game clock.

Had the penalty not been called on Vildor, would that have changed the luck of the Bears on Sunday night? It is hard to tell, especially since Rodgers continued to play at a top-tier level at the expense of Chicago on Sunday.

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