Did Bills get screwed on pass interference no-call against Bucs?

Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buffalo Bills fans have every reason to be mad over the officials screwing their favorite team out of a road win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on an inexcusably missed pass interference call.

The Buffalo Bills were robbed by the officials on a terrible blown call vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On a third-down play with the goal line in sight and down three points, Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw it up in wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ direction. The pass attempt went incomplete, mostly because Buccaneers defensive back Carlton Davis held him like a bad grudge before tossing him to the ground. Buffalo had to settle for a field-goal try to send this game into the overtime period.

Tampa Bay would win this game 33-27 in dramatic fashion to improve to 10-3 on the season.

While Buffalo still has four games left to be played, this latest loss has the Bills on the outside looking in at a postseason berth, at least for the time being. Buffalo got screwed out of a PI call.

Buffalo Bills were screwed out of a game-changing PI call by the officials

Though the Bills should have every reason to complain over the officials clearly missing a pass interference call on Davis, this game should not have been this close to begin with. Had Buffalo played better in the first half, maybe the Bills would have been up on Tampa Bay? Though the Buccaneers faded down the stretch, they weren’t about to lose this one at home with Tom Brady.

Ultimately, the Bills control their own playoff destiny. They have four winnable games left. They have home dates vs. middling NFC South teams in the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers. While they still have to play the New England Patriots in Foxborough, the Bills should still make the playoffs if they beat the New York Jets at home in Week 18 to finish the 2021 season at 10-7.

Buffalo is not out of the playoff mix, but the Bills blew too many opportunities to win in Tampa.

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