Mac Jones left Cam Newton hanging on the sidelines and it was hilarious (Video)

After a riveting performance from Mac Jones against the Giants, Cam Newton tried to hype up the young quarterback and failed miserably. 

If you’ve ever tried to congratulate a friend, or teammate and have been left hanging, you know it’s the most embarrassing thing ever. It happens so much in professional sports, between teammates, coaches, even referees. Plus, it happens to literally every athlete, no matter how good or bad they are in their respective sport.

In this edition of “getting left hanging”, we have New England Patriots quarterbacks, Mac Jones and Cam Newton.

Mac Jones is oblivious to Cam Newton behind him trying to give him praise

Jones has been on fire over the preseason and racked up his first touchdown pass against the New York Giants and was on his way to the bench with Newton not too far behind. The comedy ensues while Newton tries to give Jones a high five, but to no avail until it’s too late.

You can chalk it up to Jones having on his helmet, but it’s still pretty hilarious to see Newton walking with purpose until he gets his high five. We have to applaud the determination for the Auburn alum to get his daps from the Bama boy.

This will definitely a meme and is worthy of making its rounds around the internet for the entire 2021-22 football season.

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