Justin Fields went full Patrick Mahomes on insane TD pass (Video)

Justin Fields taps into the Patrick Mahomes-esque style of play with a quick and precise pass in his performance against the Titans. 

Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears got the opportunity to ball out in the final preseason game. So far he has yet to disappoint as the Bears rage on against the Tennessee Titans.

This particular pass is showing a little bit of Patrick Mahomes energy in this precise and quick thinking pass in the second quarter.

Justin Fields shows his athletic prowess, hand eye coordination and best Patrick Mahomes impression against the Titans

Fields takes initiative in the second quarter with less than a minute to spare. He takes his time before launching a 20-yard pass to give the Bears a lead before entering the half. The quality of the play is enough to compare that pass to Patrick Mahomes’ wild and crazy passes.

This is a great indicator to see what Bears fans should expect entering the regular season.

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