Eagles QB depth chart after Gardner Minshew trade

Here’s what the Philadelphia Eagles QBs situation is after the Gardner Minshew trade shook some things up a week before the season starts. 

As Philadelphia Eagles fans attempt to invest more and more in a future that involves Jalen Hurts as the team’s starting quarterback, Howie Roseman and the front office continue to throw them curveballs.

The latest of which was a trade that send a late-round draft pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for former starter and moustached sensation Gardner Minshew.

Minshew Mania has crested and rolled back since we all rode that wave a few years ago, but the ripples of it are what make this Eagles trade so interesting — and potentially dramatic.

Minshew looked pretty decent as a starter with the Jaguars in 2019, and there are some who think he might still have it in him to be a starting quarterback in the league. The fact that the Eagles brought him in, after an offseason where the front office weirdly refused to commit to Hurts to the point of saying Joe Flacco was being brought in for competition, only makes this stranger.

So what’s the deal?

Philadelphia Eagles Roster 2021: Who is Eagles backup QB after Gardner Minshew trade?

As easy as it is to draw in lines of drama, Hurts is the starter in Philly. Having Flacco and Minshew in the quarterback room should be viewed as insanely talented support and nothing more.

Here’s what the Eagles depth chart looks like at quarterback after the Gardner Minshew trade:

QB1: Jalen Jurts
QB2: Joe Flacco
QB3: Gardner Minshew

To make room for Minshew on the roster, the Eagles cut Nick Mullens. There’s a chance they might move on from Flacco but the Eagles carrying three quarterbacks into an uncertain season makes sense.

Flacco is the backup by default at the moment since he has more tenure with Philly than Minshew does. But with two weeks before the start of the season, and the fact that the Eagles traded draft capital to acquire a backup quarterback, that could change.

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