Alvin Kamara had jokes for the NFL’s new number rules

Alvin Kamara may just have to stick to his No. 41 jersey after the NFL’s new number rules.

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara may have more options at his disposal when it comes to potential uniform numbers, but he cannot obtain the two numbers he really wants.

With the NFL now allowing running backs to wear jersey numbers 1-49 and 80-89, Kamara is still unable to wear No. 99 or, better yet, No. 69. Clearly, single-digit numbers are of no use to the perennial Pro Bowl running back. Since there is no way the NFL will allow linemen numbers to be worn by skill-position players, it sounds like Kamara will have to keep rocking his No. 41 then.

We do wonder if Kamara could have been even better in a No. 99 or a No. 69 Saints jersey, though.

New Orleans Saints: Alvin Kamara should have been allowed to wear No. 69

Football at its core is an entertainment product. We want to be entertained, dammit. So when Kamara is knocking back Airheads by the foot on the sidelines, we are absolutely disgusted that he cannot wear a very nice No. 69 jersey or a totally powerful No. 99 uniform. While No. 41 is an okay number, I suppose, we all understand the power of 69, 99 and all those large lineman numbers.

No other sport forbids you from wearing any jersey number. If you’re super cool and want to wear No. 69 in baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer, you sure can. If you’re wanting to push it to triple digits and covet that Wayne Gretzky one, then I got no problems with you. Too bad the NFL office is one. Trust me, Gretzky, Jay-Z and Rob Gronkowski would be in full support of this for sure.

Kamara may have jersey number jokes for days, but all the other leagues are laughing at the NFL.

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