Los Angeles Chargers 2020 schedule predictions: Picking every game

Los Angeles Chargers, NFL Schedule

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The Los Angeles Chargers are starting fresh with Justin Herbert, and they’ll try to navigate the 2020 NFL schedule behind the rookie quarterback.

Weeks 1-4


Los Angeles Chargers


Cincinnati Bengals


An offensive spark comes in the form of Austin Ekeler, now the unquestioned feature back for the Chargers. He’s a magician in this game amassing four total touchdowns against a Bengals defense that, while improved, cannot keep up with his versatility in the passing game.

Herbert finds it pretty easy to check down to him often, and Ekeler carries the Bolts to a decisive victory over the radically transformed, but still the same old Bengals.


Kansas City Chiefs


Los Angeles Chargers


The Chargers always seem to play Kansas City closer than most teams do, and this time around is no different. The Chargers defense disrupts Patrick Mahomes’ timing consistently and he is unable to throw the ball deep.

Unfortunately for L.A., he’s still Patrick Mahomes and he pulls this one out late with a long touchdown pass. The Chargers spoil an all-around solid defensive effort, as the offense is unable to score enough points.


Carolina Panthers


Los Angeles Chargers


Teddy Bridgewater is a good starting quarterback in the NFL, but he’s going to struggle against elite defenses for a while, particularly as long as the offense remains limited to running through Christian McCaffrey.

In this one, a couple of key turnovers forced by the Chargers defense make like easier for Justin Herbert, and they’re able to ride Austin Ekeler to victory in this one.


Los Angeles Chargers


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Chargers defense has circled its game against former AFC rival Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on its calendar since the schedule dropped. The incredibly talented and versatile Charger defense feels up to the challenge, but ultimately gets taken advantage of by the savvy veteran and his favorite check down option, Rob Gronkowski.

In flashes of vintage Gronk, the formerly retired, future Hall of Famer takes the game over and goes for three touchdowns. He’s on somebody’s fantasy bench, and they lose their game because of it. As for what happens on the field, the Chargers are simply unable to put enough points on the board today.

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