Cowboys would be foolish to keep messing with Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys made headlines by agreeing to terms with quarterback Andy Dalton. It’s another thing that could come between them and Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott might not be the best quarterback in the NFL and he probably won’t be a Hall of Famer. Yet he’s a good quarterback and the Cowboys shouldn’t be messing things up with him.

There are roughly eight teams heading into the 2020 season unsure if their current quarterback is the guy moving forward. Do you know how quickly they would jump at the chance to have Dak Prescott under center?

Prescott wasn’t the flashiest player coming out of college, helping him become a fourth-round draft choice four years ago out of Mississippi State. Since then, Prescott has consistently put up good numbers, wins games, and is durable. He’s yet to miss a start in four years as the ‘Boys quarterback.

The Cowboys have a good thing with Prescott and while it might seem unfair that he’s – for a short time – going to be the highest-paid player in the league. If teams are lucky enough to find their quarterback, they reward him by paying him an absurd sum.

Dallas crumbled against better competition last year, but that’s not all on Prescott’s. With new head coach Mike McCarthy, the team can’t fail to make the playoffs. If it does, Prescott will start shouldering much more blame.

For now, however, the Cowboys should fixate on his 4,900 passing yards last year accompanied by 30 touchdown passes.

Prescott might not be the league’s best quarterback, but he’s in the upper crust. Pay the man.

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