Atlanta Falcons new uniforms already need to be fixed, and here’s how

Atlanta Falcons

Here are three easy ways to fix the new Atlanta Falcons uniforms.

Everybody’s getting new uniforms these days, and that includes the Atlanta Falcons.

The Dirty Birds were the second team this offseason to give the people what they though they wanted by unveiled new jerseys. Well, as The Rolling Stones once sang, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Let’s just say the Twitter public wasn’t exactly overjoyed with the new threads coming out of Flowery Branch. Mixed reviews would be putting it kindly, but there were positives.

Julio Jones‘ No. 11 jersey will no longer look like a pause button. The new helmets are incredible and you cannot deny that. The ’90s retro “Back in Black” look will be a prominent part of the rotation. Most importantly, the players are excited about them. If this helps them play better in 2020 and beyond, that would be beyond wonderful for Dirty Bird Nation.

See, what you have to remember here is these uniforms aren’t for Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers or older millennials. These jerseys are for the Gen Z and the youngest millennials out there who aren’t quite 30 years of age. Over time people will grow fonder of these jerseys.

Winning is a panacea for anything. Had it not been for the botch job of a release preceded by an untimely leak, odds are football fans would have been more open to accepting the Falcons’ new look. To help ease the transition from a visual standpoint, here are three easy fixes the Dirty Birds can do to control the narrative and rectify the rampant issues of their uniform debacle.

3. Grey pants would serve this team so, so, so very much

This is INCREDIBLY important, as this will help prevent the Power Ranger doofus factor when the Falcons take the field on fall Sundays. Being able to have a wide array of pants options is not your friend. There are only two bottoms the Falcons should be allowed to wear in public: Grey and white when they’re not wearing white jerseys.

Football is a different sport, but think of it from the aesthetic of baseball. It may be cute when you’re in elementary school to play glorified tee ball in white cotton pants with a drawstring, but this is the NFL. As you learn how to hit a curve ball in your teens, the white pants disappear from the wardrobe in favor of grey or something white with stripes on it. Grey pants are your friends!

It is a neutral color that will work wonderfully with black, white or even red jerseys. They will take either black jerseys, the new ones or the ’90s throwbacks to the next level. It will prevent the sleepover party look of the all-whites. You want to excite your fans and not bore them to sleep with a lazy Sunday afternoon snooze fest of a performance.

Grey is also akin to something Georgia football fans hold dearly. Though the Dawgs don’t wear their silver britches anymore, again the grey bottoms would serve as a tribute to college football greatness in the Peach State. In short, grey pants are a palate cleanser for helping take in these new uniforms. Remember, people are more accepting of wild shirts than crazy-looking pants.

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