Atlanta Falcons new uniforms leaked on Twitter

Atlanta Falcons

One week before the Atlanta Falcons were set to officially unveil their new uniforms for 2020, they leaked on Twitter.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Atlanta Falcons released a short video clip on Twitter, announcing they’d be unveiling their new uniforms very soon. The video showed their traditional uniforms being taken down from the locker room, with the message: “For the first time in 17 years, it’s time for a change.”

At the end of the 57-second clip, the words unveiling the release date, “4.14.20,” flashed across the screen in red.

Unfortunately, about an hour later — and a full week before the scheduled, official unveiling — the Falcons’ brand new uniforms for the upcoming 2020 NFL season were leaked on Twitter.

Overall, the response to these new unis has been mixed, with some people loving them and more than a few fans really disliking them — with very little in between. One thing is for certain though: After 17 years without real change, these new jerseys are anything but traditional.

The massive font for the jersey numbers has been one issue raised on Twitter, given that it’s so blocky and generic-looking. The color rush uniforms, with the red shirt transitioning to the black pants, don’t look bad by any stretch, and the all-black matte helmet is a nice touch, but that font really gives these uniforms something of a childish feel.

So far, the Twitter jokes have ranged from high school football teams designing them to the Falcons getting ready to join the Arena Football League. Others have also pointed out how they’re basically copying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whose new jerseys are hard to distinguish from the Falcons’ designs.

It’ll be another week before we get a better/official look at these new jersey designs. Hopefully with some professional video editing and being able to see them on a few players with the helmet for the complete look will help bring these together, because right now, the Twitter leak isn’t exactly garnering the universal acclaim the Falcons would’ve hoped for.

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