Will Rob Gronkowski compete in WWE anytime soon?

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Will former Super Bowl champion, Rob Gronkowski, compete in WWE anytime soon?

After WrestleMania 36, one has to question whether former NFL star Rob Gronkowski could compete in WWE someday.

This weekend was certainly an interesting one for WWE. WrestleMania 36 was held at the empty Performance Center in Orlando, and they had a former Super Bowl Champion as its guest host — Rob Gronkowski.

On Saturday night, Gronk was doing a segment with Mojo Rawley when they were interrupted by the reigning 24/7 Champion R-Truth. The champion was trying to hide from the usual group of superstars chasing after him trying to take the title from him. But what he got was a cheap shot from Gronk, who then tried to pin him. Not to be outdone, Rawley pulled Gronk out of the pin and then pinned R-Truth to win the title for himself.

Gronk stated that while he has won three championships for the New England Patriots, those championships are in the past. Could this be the door for Gronk to get into a WWE ring for real? On Sunday, Charly Caruso asked him if that was something he might be targeting and he point blank said he wanted the 24/7 Championship. While the title is more of a novelty act in WWE, it would be perfect for Gronk.

His often outlandish personality is a perfect fit for WWE, even if he is simply used as an on-air “extra,” such as his role at WrestleMania. But if he can put the work in and make it happen, it could be something we could see somewhere down the road.

At this point, would he go after Rawley and his newly captured 24/7 Championship, or would he try to do something more? How would he fit into the WWE scene as a superstar? WWE is no stranger to having former NFL guys get their foot in the door for a taste of in-ring action, so it’s entirely possible we could see Gronk in action sooner rather than later.

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