Patrick Mahomes is watching Tiger King and seems intrigued

Kansas City Chiefs, Netflix

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is watching The Tiger King, and he seems to be wondering how this plays out.

Worlds are colliding.

The NFL world and Netflix binge-watchers are coming together with Patrick Mahomes and Tiger King.

With most of the country sitting inside with COVID-19 raging, there’s more time than ever to sit down and watch some TV to keep the mind occupied.

Even Super Bowl MVPs aren’t immune to boredom, and Mahomes is using his free time to hang out with his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, and watch the hottest doc going in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.

Joe Exotic and crew are some of the wildest characters you’ll ever come across, something Mahomes appears to be discovering in real time with this tweet.

So far, the documentary is gaining incredible popularity, becoming the most binge-worthy piece of content out there heading into April. It dropped on March 20 and has become the topic of many Twitter trends, show segments and phone conversations around America.

As for Mahomes, he’s a 24-year-old guy stuck in the house. You can only work out for so long before wanting to grab the remote and see what everybody’s talking about. It seems Tuesday night was his breaking point.

Meanwhile, the NFL had a conference call earlier in the afternoon and stated its intention of playing a full 16-game schedule with the docket starting on time in September. The league also formally announced it will be expanding its playoff format, allowing a seventh seed for both the AFC and NFC.

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