New England Patriots can save their offseason with these NFL Draft trades

New England Patriots

The Patriots need to strengthen their roster in the aftermath of Tom Brady’s departure, and these trades could be a saving grace. 

Panicking is the worst thing the Patriots could have done after watching Tom Brady head to Tampa Bay. Inactivity is the second worst choice an NFL franchise can make. That means New England needs to be prepared to strengthen their roster in the very near future.

More specifically, that means the Patriots need to swing a big deal when draft day arrives. That may not be the way Bill Belichick likes to operate, but these are extraordinary times for his franchise.

The obvious area of focus for the team would be to acquire a legitimate starting quarterback. Neither Jarrett Stidham or Brian Hoyer fits that description. That doesn’t mean it’s the only way the Patriots could strengthen their roster though.

3. Trade a first-rounder for Yannick Ngakoue

Admittedly, giving up a high-value asset for an edge rusher that wants to reset the market for compensation at his position is the exact opposite of Belichick’s track record in New England. With that being said, it could be time for New England to rely on their defense like never before.

Adding a premier talent like Ngakoue to the front seven would make the Patriots defense downright unplayable in 2020. His ability to rush the passer from the defensive line would give Belichick and his coaching staff a lot more tactical flexibility than they enjoyed last season.

Giving up a first-rounder for Ngakoue would certainly sting, but the Jaguars aren’t going to part with a Pro Bowl edge rusher for anything less. The trick for the Patriots would be to avoid giving up any further draft capital.

If the Patriots aren’t going to upgrade their options at quarterback next season they might as well double down on their reliance on defense to win games. Adding Ngakoue would be worth another win or two to New England in 2020.

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