The Indianapolis Colts should draft their future QB in 2020

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The Indianapolis Colts should consider drafting a quarterback for the future as their two current signal callers are on one-year deals.

It’s time for another franchise quarterback in Indianapolis.

The Colts made a splash to sign 16-year pro quarterback Philip Rivers, on a one-year, $25 million deal. Rivers will replace last year’s starting quarterback, Jacoby Brissett. Brissett was thrown into the starting role in 2019 after franchise quarterback Andrew Luck unexpectedly retired during the preseason.

With both Rivers and Brissett on one-year deals, the Colts could look to draft a quarterback for the future. A quarterback that could sit for a year before competing for a starting job.

In the 2020 NFL Draft, the Colts first selection will be in the second round. The Colts currently hold the 34th-overall pick. They also have the 44th-overall selection.

Two prospects they should have their eye on, if they fall, are quarterbacks Jordan Love and Jacob Eason.

Why Colts Need Love

Love was a legend in college for the Utah State Aggies. In 2018, Love set the school single-season record in passing yards (3,567) and passing touchdowns (32). He also has the second-most wins in school history, posting a 21-11 record.

While numbers are numbers, peep Love’s highlight reel and scouts will see his talent. Love has the ability to throw the deep ball acurrately along the sideline. He’s made throws where only his receivers can catch, even in tight windows. While he’s not a quarterback who often looks to tuck and run, he does have the ability to buy time in the pocket when needed.

Love also has that throw-on-the-run Russell Wilson and Pat Mahomes type of ability where they are still able to throw deep accurately, even under duress.

In Love’s final season in college,  he did lead the FBS in interceptions with 17. However, with Love coming into a situation where he will sit an entire season it seems like a solid fit for the Colts. With Rivers starting, Love could be under his wing learning the system and nuances of the NFL’s game. Coming from a smaller school, this would help ease his way in the NFL.

Why Love fits for the Colts? Imagine Love with a top receiver like T.Y. Hilton. While Brisset was a solid option, Love seems like a quarterback who would take more chances pushing the ball down field. Love has success with completing the 50-50 balls to his go-to receiver. Compared to Rivers, Love’s athleticism would be a gift for the 2021 Colts.

The Colts should be thinking of grooming quarterback for the future. Love should be the top option if he is to fall in the 2020 NFL Draft. If he is not on the board, there is another solid option at quaterback.

Why Eason is a good second option

Eason, who was a transfer from Georgia, threw 23 touchdowns for the Washington Huskies in 2019. While not eye-popping numbers, Eason does posses a strong arm. One that can throw darts on intermediate routes and heave deep balls.

With such as strong arm, he does struggle with accuracy and passes sailing on him. This was a familiar site during Eason’s workout at the NFL Scouting Combine. He missed a few intermediate passes and had multiple deep balls, along the sideline, sail over his receivers.

Should this deter the Colts from selection him? No. If Eason is there for the taking at pick 34, the Colts should select him. Eason is a big play quarterback who can sling it. Eason led the Pac-12 with 28 completed deep passes in 2019.

He would be a solid option to learn under Rivers. The Colts need a quarterback that will have a knack for making big plays and Eason did that in college. Brissett, while a solid quarterback, doesn’t often take chances. The Colts need someone to take chances, much like previous franchise quarterbacks in Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

With Eason in the mix, the Colts would have a quarterback who could potentially compete for a starting role in 2021. Allow Eason time to learn the system and the game of football on the NFL level, it is possible a 2021 Eason could be an upgrade from a 2021 Rivers. Eason is more athletic. When it comes to accuracy, an aging Rivers has struggle in that area too when last seen in 2019.

If the Colts were to draft Love or Eason, either player would sit their rookie season baring extraneous circumstances. With the current landscape this is the perfect situation for them. With the possibility of significantly less time this offseason with team organized workouts due to Coronavirus precautions, sitting for a year to prep isn’t a bad thing.

If drafted in Indianapolis they will have the opportunity to work behind the scenes week-to-week to build chemistry with players in practice.  They would be given some time to develop rather than being thrown into the fire to compete for a starting job as a rookie.

If somehow Love or Eason are on the board come pick No. 34, the Colts should pounce.

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