Buccaneers will do anything to land Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bruce Arians watched Jameis Winston throw 30 interceptions last season. It’s no surprise the Buccaneers are desperate to sign Tom Brady.

The Buccaneers hired Bruce Arians to build a passing game capable of helping them win a Super Bowl. After one season with Jameis Winston at the controls, it’s obvious to Arians that acquiring a new quarterback this offseason is an absolute necessity.

The crown jewel of this year’s free-agent quarterback class happens to be a signal-caller with multiple Super Bowl titles on his resume. It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that the Buccaneers desperately want to pry Tom Brady out of New England.

Quarterbacks with Brady’s resume doesn’t come available very often. It’s been 27 years since a quarterback with four Super Bowl rings was made available. For the record, that’s when Joe Montana was dealt from San Francisco to Kansas City.

It’s clear why Tampa Bay would want to bring Brady in to succeed where Winston has failed. The veteran Michigan alum may not have the cannon that allows Winston to make some breathtaking throws on Sunday, but he also doesn’t have the obnoxious habit of throwing the ball to the other team. Anything Arians’ offense might need to give up in terms of vertical passing would easily be made up for by eliminating turnovers.

Bringing Brady to Tampa Bay isn’t a slam dunk just from a football perspective, though. It could also be a financial windfall for the franchise. The Buccaneers played in front of a lot of empty seats last season. Bringing Brady to a market that’s been starved for star power for years could do a lot to enhance the team’s bottom line.

It is fair to wonder whether or not the Buccaneers have the resources necessary to tempt Brady into leaving New England. They can certainly offer him a small fortune in terms of salary, but they’re not the only franchise who can make that happen.

To successfully woo Brady it’s going to require the entire Buccaneers franchise to show him they are ready to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Arians will be able to talk a good game about how Brady might fit into his offense, but there will be serious questions about the rest of the talent that’s employed in Tampa Bay. Convincing Brady they’re ready to win now might be a challenge the Buccaneers simply can’t overcome.

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In the end, look for Tampa Bay to do everything they can to make Tom Brady their starting quarterback next season. It’s an ambitious goal for the franchise, but it’s a move they should pursue with vigor. Unfortunately for fans of the Buccaneers, the chances of TB12 playing for TB in 2020 are still pretty remote.

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