Broncos could be surprise AFC playoff team with right moves

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The Denver Broncos have a great shot to get back into the playoffs next year anyway, but with the right offseason moves, they’ll surely be in the 2020 mix.

The Denver Broncos’ playoff skid may finally be coming to an end.

After winning Super Bowl 50 over the Carolina Panthers in 2015, the Broncos have not sniffed the AFC playoffs since. A lot of this has to do with not being able to replace Peyton Manning at quarterback, but things are definitely starting to look up for Broncos Country. It will be Vic Fangio’s second season as head coach and it looks like they finally found a quarterback in Drew Lock.

With the NFL playoffs expected to expand from 12 to 14 teams this season, perhaps the Broncos are ready to play some January football once again? We know they have a great defense and they might finally put it together on offense. With the right offseason moves, Denver can be an AFC Wild Card team and maybe even push the Kansas City Chiefs in the division if they’re lucky.

The Broncos have so many draft picks, it’s ridiculous. They have 12 in the 2020 NFL Draft, including the No. 15 overall pick in the first round and five in the top 100 this spring. Not having to address the quarterback position again will be huge for general manager John Elway‘s offseason plans. If they were to add three more quality pieces in this draft, Denver is ready for the playoffs.

While they are in a better spot to build the team through the draft, Denver has enough financial resources to make a few big plays in free agency. Elway is really good at this. Just look at the two Super Bowl teams of last decade, if you forgot. Denver has a top-half salary cap situation at roughly $53.4 million, so the Broncos can make their team better in this manner way for sure.

It would be advantageous for the Broncos to bring back safety Justin Simmons, who is likely to be slapped with the franchise tag. Should longtime cornerback Chris Harris Jr. not return, look for the Broncos to address that position with a younger and cheaper option, either in the draft or in free agency. Throw in a few offensive players for Lock to work with and this team could be cooking.

Every year, five or so teams who didn’t make the playoffs end the season before end up making them the following year. Along with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Broncos have to be one of the safer bets to do just that in the AFC. This is a team that can go 10-6 and play on Wild Card Weekend in 2020.

Surely, a great offseason’s worth of moves will get the Broncos over the top.

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