Tom Brady to the Titans would actually be a great fit

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Tom Brady shouldn’t leave the New England Patriots in free agency, but if he does for whatever reason, the Tennessee Titans wouldn’t be a bad fit for him.

If Tom Brady were to leave the New England Patriots in his impending free agency, where could he land?

At 42 years old, Brady should only look at teams with a real shot at contending for a Super Bowl. There have been a few teams linked to him in free agency rumors, including the Indianapolis Colts, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Tennessee Titans make more sense than all of them.

Tennessee was in the AFC Championship Game last month. Tennessee has an excellent head coach in Mike Vrabel and the best offensive coordinator you’ve never heard of in Arthur Smith. The Titans also have a great defense and may very well bring back rushing champion Derrick Henry.

Going from the winningest franchise in NFL history to one of the most nondescript wouldn’t be something a player of Brady’s caliber would normally do, but the Titans are the best fit for him if he were to leave Foxborough.

Brady would inherit warmer weather, which could help mask his fleeting arm talent. Smith may be an NFL head coach in a few years, so the drop-off from Josh McDaniels to Smith wouldn’t be drastic. Sure, Brady may need to learn a new offensive system, but how hard was it for Ryan Tannehill to master last year?

Brady, even at 43 years old come August, is still better than Tannehill in his early 30s. In the AFC South, Brady would be either the best or second-best quarterback, depending on how much you factor Bill O’Brien into Deshaun Watson’s equation.

As for moving his family from New England to the Music City, there are plenty of celebrities for Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen to spend time with. Nashville isn’t Los Angeles, but it is an exploding Southeastern market. People don’t lose their minds when they come across celebrities in Nashville because of the massive country music scene. It’s a normal thing there.

Overall, Brady can still win at a very high level in Nashville. Going to the Titans would be like Joe Montana playing for the Chiefs. It’s not the team he’ll best be remembered playing for, but it doesn’t mean he can’t have a ton of playoff success and be remembered fondly in the last few years of his illustrious Hall of Fame career.

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