Patrick Mahomes looks hilarious in Chiefs’ Super Bowl photo

Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl

When you’re a champion, you can do pretty much whatever you want, just like Patrick Mahomes in the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV team photo.

It’s good to be Patrick Mahomes.

You’re the best player in football, you’re only 24 years old and you’re already a champion. Mahomes just put together the greatest first two years as an NFL starting quarterback for the Super Bowl-champion Kansas City Chiefs.

So how cool is Mahomes? Cooler than anyone you’ll ever meet.

In the Chiefs’ Super Bowl photo, all the other players and coaches are standing with various degrees of ridiculous looks on their faces. There’s Mike Pennel (#64) who looks concerned, and Tyrann Mathieu (#32) who looks serious.

Then there’s Mahomes, basking in the glory of what it means to be a champion in this epic Kodak moment.

This is the greatest photo in Chiefs history since Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson was ripping a dart and sipping on a Fresca at halftime of Super Bowl I. Any self-respecting member of Chiefs Kingdom would find a way to get a Fathead of this signal-caller sprawled out seductively.

This photo is better than posting up in front of a convertible shirtless next to a tiger. Your talents quite literally took you to South Beach because you’re a champion. You won the trophy with your founder’s name on it and then captured your franchise’s second Lombardi Trophy.


We have no idea where the hell Andy Reid and Travis Kelce are, but they’re around somewhere we suppose. Doesn’t matter. We have Mahomes laying across the front of the photo like he owns the joint. It’s all we need.

This photo comes only a few days before Mahomes was crushing Coors Lights with Kelce, fighting for their right to Lombardi. Maybe the San Francisco 49ers did a funny photo at the Super Bowl too. Who knows? That’ll never see the light of day.

As for the photo that saw the light, it’s a Kansas City masterpiece and further proof why Mahomes is the greatest thing going.

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