Patrick Mahomes is why Tom Brady should avoid Chargers, Raiders

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Tom Brady may be hitting free agency at 42 years old, but he would be a fool to leave the New England Patriots for the AFC West because of Patrick Mahomes.

The New England Patriots have been Tom Brady’s team for the last 20 years, but he may be playing elsewhere next fall.

Brady is 42 years old and won six Super Bowls in Foxborough, but he will be testing free agency this spring. It makes sense for him to re-up with the Patriots, as he won’t have to move or change offensive systems. However, if he were to play for another team in 2020, it better not be with an AFC West franchise. That would be a complete waste of his time, and ours.

Even though being paid over $30 million annually by a quarterback-desperate team like the Los Angeles Chargers or the Las Vegas Raiders is great for the bank account, Brady would be a fool to enter a division already owned by Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs.

The only reason Brady is still playing at this point is to win Super Bowls. The best way for him to win more Lombardi Trophies is to play in a division where he is the best quarterback in it. This is why he has had a stranglehold in the AFC East for years. The quarterback play in the division outside of Brady has been utterly laughable for the last two decades.

If Brady were to buy into the allure of playing in a brand-new stadium in either Los Angeles or Las Vegas, he would be doing so at a detriment to his legacy. It doesn’t matter if he’s the greatest quarterback of all time because he won’t be the best quarterback in his new division. Mahomes will dominate the AFC West for the next decade. Only unforeseen injuries can slow him down.

Should Brady shock us all and leave the Patriots, the best landing spot for him would be the Tennessee Titans. Should the Dallas Cowboys part ways with Dad Prescott, Brady could go to another bad quarterback division in the NFC East and compete with Carson Wentz.

Ultimately, it’s not in Brady’s best football interest to leave the Patriots. But if he does, his agent and inner circle need to speak sense into him. Going to the AFC West will not result in another Lombardi Trophy for TB12.

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