Gardner Minshew thought the Chicago Bears were going to draft him

Jacksonville Jaguars

Gardner Minshew is a pride and joy of Duvall, but he thought his career was going to start with the Chicago Bears.

There are days when we all wake up and think we’re pretty cool. But when you are graced by the presence of The Mississippi Mustache and The Jockstrap King himself Gardner Minshew, you understand what the definition of cool is and you most certainly are not that. Conversing with Minshew can only be described as enjoying the company of 21st Century Ken Stabler.

On Wednesday, FanSided‘s Mark Carman was that lucky man. On behalf of Snickers’ Hungriest Player of the Year, they talked about his epic rookie season, his unforgettable RV journey, dreams of playing in the Pro Bowl for strictly dodgeball purposes, and where his NFL career almost started.

It was the Jacksonville Jaguars that are experienced Minshew Magic last season, but it was almost another quarterback-needy team.

“I had two formal interviews [at the NFL Combine]. One was the Jaguars and one was the Bears,” Minshew admitted to a devastated Carm. ” I loved it, meeting with Matt Nagy and all those guys…For a while, I thought that was going to be a real possibility.”

Rather than being Chicago’s franchise savior, he’ll look to play that role alongside Jay Gruden in Duvall. Before that happens, though, Minshew needs

“So yeah, the RV travels are done, man,” said Minshew. “I turned it in yesterday. That was a sad moment. You know, it was more than an RV, it was a friend. But you know what? The lifestyle, it’s not about some wheels and a box, it’s bigger than anybody. It was a lot of fun.”

Now that his coast-to-coast travels, Minshew is looking to turn his hunger for success in the NFL into making the dreams of Jaguars fans finally come true.

Gardner Minshew spoke with FanSided on behalf of Snickers’ Hungriest Player of the Year.

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