Alvin Kamara says Drew Brees is a top-3 QB all-time

New Orleans Saints

Leading up to Super Bowl 54, Alvin Kamara spoke with FanSided on a number of topics, including where he ranks New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees all-time.

Until this season, Drew Brees was the only NFL quarterback that star running back Alvin Kamara had ever known. That didn’t stop him from giving his opinion on where the New Orleans Saints legend ranks among the league’s greatest quarterbacks to ever play.

“Top five, top three,” he said. “I wouldn’t even say top 10 … top 10 is rude.”

Speaking with FanSided’s Mark Carman leading up to Super Bowl 54 in Miami this weekend, Kamara touched on quite a few different topics while promoting Old Spice’s Ultra Smooth Clean Slate Antiperspirant.

One of the biggest topics, however, was how much he wanted to play with Brees again and how much the 41-year-old veteran has taught him about being a professional in the NFL during Kamara’s first three seasons.

“I would love to play with Drew again,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot from Drew. A lot. I learned how to be a pro from Drew, I’ve watched him prepare, watched him execute. I’ve watched him be 10 steps ahead of people in games and practice. He’s the ultimate pro. When you sit in practice with him and you’re with him every day, you know why he’s a legend, why he’s as good as he is.”

The Saints’ season ended in a disappointing overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional round, but the main question now is whether the legendary play-caller will return for another season or choose to retire.

The good news for New Orleans is that if he does retire, the team could always turn to free agent Teddy Bridgewater and re-sign him, since the Saints’ backup QB filled in admirably as a starter in five games for the injured Brees.

“He definitely could,” Kamara said of Bridgewater’s ability to be a starting NFL quarterback. “You saw what he did this year for us when Drew went out, so there’s definitely no doubt in my mind that he could be a No. 1.”

Other topics Kamara touched on included his advice for young running backs entering college, his relationship with his mother and whether he regretted his short time with Alabama.

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Alvin Kamara spoke to FanSided on behalf of Old Spice.

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