Cincinnati Bengals fans, your prayers have been answered by Joe Burrow

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The Cincinnati Bengals must be grinning from ear to ear after watching Joe Burrow dominate during the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship.

It was a terrible year for the Cincinnati Bengals, but an unforgettable year for the Bayou Bengals. As fate would have it, these two football worlds will collide here in the coming months. Cincinnati fans, your prayers have been answered. Joe Burrow is coming to your city, and he’s going to be the greatest quarterback your franchise has ever had. The 2020 NFL Draft can’t get here soon enough.

There is no chance in hell that Burrow won’t be the No. 1 overall pick to the Bengals. Cincinnati went 2-14 with Andy Dalton and Ryan Finley this year in Zac Taylor‘s first season coaching in the Queen City. Burrow is a Heisman Trophy winner like Carson Palmer and is poised to lead your team to heights you haven’t experienced since 1988 NFL MVP Boomer Esiason. This kid is so special.

He has the accuracy of Drew Brees, the toughness of Brett Favre, the deep ball of Jared Goff and the clutch gene of Deshaun Watson. Though he had a ton of great offensive weapons to work with, Burrow is the type of player that will carry this Bengals team out of the AFC North basement in only a few seasons’ time. He’s just a straight-up better version of Andrew Luck at quarterback.

Burrow has the Eye of the Tiger and the killer instinct that will only serve him well in his NFL career. Unlike his future Ohioan NFL quarterbacking contemporary and Heisman brother, Burrow has the “Joe Cool” vibes Baker Mayfield never will with the Cleveland Browns. He has the potential to be the best quarterback in the AFC North and the second-best in the AFC after Patrick Mahomes.

Before the national championship vs. the Clemson Tigers, everybody knew that the LSU Tigers quarterback was poised to be the No. 1 overall pick. If there was any doubt in any member of the Bengals’ front office still potentially considering drafting Ohio State Buckeyes defensive end Chase Young with that top pick, that doubt is no more. It’s Burrow forever.

Burrow carved up the Clemson defense with what looks to be a cracked rib. He threw for 60 touchdowns in his redshirt senior season. Burrow just had the best season any quarterback has ever had in college football. He just eclipsed what Cam Newton did in his magnificent 2010 NCAA season with the Auburn Tigers. Both won titles and Heismans, but Burrow was more spectacular.

Ultimately, Burrow’s NFL career may not be as legendary as his two years in Baton Rouge. But that chapter of his football story has come to a close. For now, he is about to become the savior the Bengals have looked for as a franchise for the better part of three decades. Congratulations, Bengals fans. You just won the lottery and everybody knows it! You’re landing greatness.

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