Derrick Henry is forcing the Titans to sign him this offseason

NFL Playoffs

Derrick Henry is having a record-setting postseason for the Tennessee Titans. This offseason, they need to lock him in.

The Tennessee Titans are heading to the AFC Championship. And they couldn’t have done it without Derrick Henry.

This wasn’t what anyone expected. The Titans barely qualified for the playoffs, coming in as the No. 6 seed in Week 17 thanks to a loss from the Pittsburgh Steelers the week prior. And sure, some thought they could go toe-to-toe with a struggling New England Patriots side that lost at home to the Miami Dolphins in Week 17.

But no one saw them beating the No. 1 Baltimore Ravens.

In two weeks, the Titans have beat the defending Super Bowl champions and the best team in football — both on the road. Henry hasn’t been the only component to that success, but he has been critical. In the regular season, Henry led the league in rushing yards with over 1,500. Amongst running backs with at least 150 carries, Henry had the highest average yards per carry at 5.1. He also rushed for 16 touchdowns, tied with Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones for the most rushing touchdowns in the regular season.


In the postseason, he has continued his strong run. Against the Patriots, Henry carried 34 times, rushing for a total of 182 yards and a touchdown. And on Saturday night, when his team went up against the Ravens, Henry rushed 195 yards in 30 carries. He even threw a three-yard touchdown pass on a trick player in the second-half.

Henry was drafted in the 2016 by the Tennessee Titans. This offseason, he will become a free agent. But when you consider what he has given this team throughout his career — and particularly this season — Henry basically gives the Titans no choice but to sign him. If Tennessee wants to find this success in the years to come, they need to make sure Henry stays in Nashville.

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