What does Mike McCarthy in Dallas mean for Dak Prescott’s future?

Dallas Cowboys

Reports indicate that Mike McCarthy has been hired as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. What does this mean for Dak Prescott’s future?

We know the narrative. The Dallas Cowboys constantly underachieved with one of the more talented rosters in the NFL while Jason Garrett ran the show.  Now, Mike McCarthy, a former Super Bowl winning head coach, will reportedly be the Garrett replacement in Dallas.

Will he rid this team of the inconsistencies? Make Dallas a powerhouse? And, more importantly, what does this hire mean for the future of Dak Prescott?

When questioning the future of Prescott, it should be noted it seems very unlikely Jerry Jones would let the budding star walk in free agency. It’s also tough to believe that McCarthy would have taken this job knowing he’d have to pick a new signal caller. But, again, you never know.

Although, for now, the question is more “what does Prescott’s future look like under McCarthy?”. Of course, McCarthy was tasked with a similar job in Green Bay, when he had to mold a young quarterback named Aaron Rodgers into a Super Bowl-caliber player.

So, can McCarthy work that magic again? Perhaps, and the team’s brass should feel a lot better about Prescott’s future -and investing a large amount of money in that future- now that McCarthy is in town.

Prescott is coming of his best season in the NFL. He has gone 40-24 in four seasons in Dallas, throwing for 97 touchdowns and 36 picks in that time. Under Garrett, he was good enough. But under McCarthy, it’s safe to think he can become an even better player.

With McCarthy, Rodgers through for 338 touchdowns, 42,879 yards with a record of 100-57-1. He made seven Pro Bowls, was named an All-Pro twice and won a championship during that time.

Comparing Prescott to Rodgers isn’t saying McCarthy can make Prescott into a perennial Hall of Famer. Rather, the example is used to demonstrate that McCarthy can make Prescott a much better quarterback than Garrett did. Also, that Jerry Jones and Cowboys fans should feel better about the notion of paying him a ton of money this offseason.

In fairness for the sake of the argument, one could say McCarthy seemed to waste Rodgers by the end of his tenure in Green Bay. But there is little argument against how dominant the duo was at the height of their run together.

Anything can look good on paper, but McCarthy helping brighten the potential of Prescott seems to be a very likely possibility.

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Prescott’s future is undoubtedly in Dallas as one of the higher paid gunslingers in the NFL, and with McCarthy he makes that future seem a lot more ideal and optimistic.

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