4 unlikely Super Bowl matchups we’d love to see

Super Bowl

Here are four unlikely Super Bowl matchups that would make for an interesting and exciting final game to the 2019 postseason.

Now that the playoff participants are set and Wild Card Weekend soon to kick off, everyone will be giving their predictions about who will win the Super Bowl and how they’ll get there. Most will involve the Ravens capping off their magical season versus the 49ers or Saints, or the Chiefs knocking off the Ravens. Some are less likely, like the Patriots finally figuring it out and somehow beating the Titans, Chiefs, and Ravens on the way to another Super Bowl appearance.

For this, we’ll take a look at four different Super Bowl matchups, ranging from “kind of unlikely” to “almost definitely not going to happen” that would be fun to see.

Let’s begin with a couple matchups that are more likely than the others to happen.

4. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers

Both of these teams are the second seed in their respective conference and have a bye week. So why is this an unlikely matchup?

For starters, the Packers seem to be too inconsistent. Against playoff opponents, the Packers are 3-2, which isn’t bad until you consider the three wins came against Minnesota twice and a Matt Moore led Kansas City team.

Green Bay has not played well in many of their games, even though they managed to win 13 of them. Winning games no matter how ugly is still a sign of a good team, but there are reasons for worry. The Packers will likely have to beat both the Saints and 49ers to make the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs have an easier road. They will host either the Patriots or the winner of Bills at Texans. From there they will likely play Baltimore on the road. It’s not impossible that the former MVP and a solid defense can lead this team to a Super Bowl.

The reason this would be a fun game to watch is both for historical and entertainment reasons. In this 100th year of the NFL, to have the first two Super Bowl participants meeting again would lead to plenty of great story lines.

Also, having former MVP quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers duel it out could lead to a classic game. Both quarterbacks have been known for their pinpoint downfield attacks and ability to extend plays. Although they haven’t been their best selves this season, for both to make the Super Bowl we would likely see them playing at the top of their games this postseason.

For everything else this game would bring, having two of the most talented quarterbacks of their generations go blow for blow on the biggest stage would be a sight to see.

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