Ryan Fitzpatrick dominated in 2019 fantasy football playoffs

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The bearded quarterbacking wonder that is Ryan Fitzpatrick absolutely dominated in the 2019 fantasy football playoffs. He crushed it for the Miami Dolphins.

We tried to tell you, but no, you didn’t listen. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not just the greatest bearded former Ivy League quarterback of all time, he is absolute money when it comes to helping you conquer fantasy football playoffs. He was sensational down the stretch for the 2019 Miami Dolphins.

So much so that The Fantasy Footballers brought him up as soon as possible during Monday’s episode after Week 17 came to an end. Mike Wright told us that Fitzpatrick and Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker were going to crush it for you. If you used either to help you advance in the fantasy football playoffs, congratulations.

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Wright told you the Dolphins had a navigable schedule for fantasy purposes down the stretch. In Weeks 15 through 17, Fitzpatrick managed 24 points, 38 points and 25 points, respectively. After the Dolphins’ Week 5 bye, Fitzpatrick had seven games where he landed you at least 20 fantasy points and none fewer than 11, coming back in Week 6 vs. the Washington Redskins.

Fitzpatrick’s finest game of 2019 came in the unforgettable Week 16 showdown at Hard Rock Stadium vs. the one-win Cincinnati Bengals. Well, that game went to overtime and Fitzpatrick was magnificent. So glorious in fact, that he was a big reason the Dolphins beat the New England Patriots on the road in Week 17 to finish the year with an unthinkable 5-11 record.

Keep in mind this Dolphins team was supposed to win zero games this year. Everybody and their brother thought they were tanking for Tua Tagovailoa, but instead won five games and will be picking No. 5 overall this spring. With his hip injury at Alabama, Tagovailoa might be ripe for the picking at No. 5 for Miami. But they need to bring back Fitzpatrick for another year of elite play.

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For as bad as this Dolphins roster was, Fitzpatrick willed this team to so many victories the Dolphins should have never had. Head coach Brian Flores should garner NFL Coach of the Year votes. More importantly, you can always count on some spectacular FitzMagic to lead you into the fantasy football promised land in December. Happy Holidays!

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