NFL quarterback rankings, Week 17: Lamar Jackson is the MVP

NFL Power Rankings

In only his second year, Lamar Jackson has gone from decent to sensational, leading the Baltimore Ravens to a 13-2 mark during his MVP campaign.

Jim Druckenmiller Division

32. David Blough (LW: 32)

Only one more game of the Blough Era in Detroit, and then back to regularly-scheduled programming.

31. Devlin Hodges (LW: 31)

Hodges was fun in Pittsburgh for a minute. Now he’s fun for every Steelers opponent.

30. Will Grier (LW: NA)

Grier made some mistakes in his debut, but that’s to be expected. With a new regime taking over this offseason in Carolina, does he have a bigger part of the plan?

29. Mitch Trubisky (LW: 26)

Trubisky is going to be back in Chicago next year, but he should have competition. The Bears have a good roster, but he’s not going to help win any Super Bowls without serious improvement.

Aaron Brooks Division

28. Dwayne Haskins (LW: 29)

Haskins is improving on a weekly basis. His season might be over with an ankle injury, but the rookie gave Redskins fans reason for hope.

27. Drew Lock (LW: 27)

Lock has led the Broncos to a 3-1 record in his four starts. The numbers are largely pedestrian outside of his outburst in Houston, but there have been glimpses.

26. Daniel Jones (LW: NA)

If Jones can limit his turnovers, there’s a high ceiling for the man in Gotham.

25. Baker Mayfield (LW: 24)

This season couldn’t have gone worse for Mayfield. Terrible individually, and the team is the biggest disappointment in football.

24. Ryan Fitzpatrick (LW: 25)

Fitzpatrick is so much fun. He’ll be gone after this season in Miami, but he should be appreciated as one of the more entertaining journeymen of his generation.

23. Gardner Minshew (LW: 21)

Minshew has had some terrific outings. He’s also had some terrible ones. This space would like to see him start in Jacksonville next year with a better supporting cast around him.

22. Jacoby Brissett (LW: 22)

Brissett isn’t a high-level starter, but he has some upside. This is only his first year starting from the beginning. Perhaps another offseason would do him well.

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