How you should bet every Week 9 NFL game

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Each week we’ll look at the Action Network lines and over/unders and discuss how you should bet each game in the NFL.

Each week, FanSided looks at the odds for each NFL contest and gets you prepared to wager on each and every game.

We’ve talked about how this season in particular has been incredibly difficult to predict — and through seven weeks very little has occurred to curb that thesis.

Here is a short list of the Week 8 games we were way off about: We had the Panthers keeping it close (within the 5.5 point spread) against the 49ers and that was incorrect (51-13 49ers; we also took the under 41.5); we had the Jets (+4.5) on the thinking that Sam Darnold would continue to progress, but that ended with the Jags by 14 (29-15), so we missed on the under 41 too; and we had Tampa beating Tennessee heads up despite being the underdog (+2.5) — how could we know that Jameis Winston is trying to break the record for most turnovers in a season.


We did hit on a few key bets though: We took the Dolphins (+14.5) and the Under (43) and hit both (Steelers 27-14); we also nabbed both halves of the Chargers (+5.5) over the Bears (Under 40.5), as that one ended 17-16, Chargers.

All told, we finished 16-12 in our predictions last week. Not great, but making money. Despite our best efforts, we’ll try to do better in a week that seems a little more clear cut in most instances.

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