Here’s every terrible call by the NFL officials in Week 7


The NFL officials embarrassed themselves with a ton of atrocious calls in Week 7. There were so many of them, it was ridiculous and they should be ashamed.

It’s getting out of hand. The NFL officials continue to make terrible call after terrible call after terrible call. After making a complete mockery of the hands-to-the-face call against the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football in Week 6, the zebras were back in full force doing their very best to make the game about themselves and not the great players on the gridiron.

There were so many terrible calls, it would make even the most casual of NFL fans’ heads explode in pure frustration. It all started with the worst roughing the passer call you’ll see this fine Sunday. Atlanta Falcons linebacker Foye Oluokun laid what looks to be a solid hit on quarterback Jared Goff on a third and long to force what should have been a fourth down for the Los Angeles Rams.


Instead, Oluokun got flagged for roughing the passer as he hit Goff when the Rams quarterback still had the ball in his hands. This would lead to a new set of downs and a Rams touchdown on a pass to running back Todd Gurley with defensive end Vic Beasley covering him for some reason. The Falcons’ coverage concept on that play was almost as bad as the roughing the passer call.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson should have had an amazing touchdown on this pass, but the officials decided he was sacked on the play for some reason. Let a great player like Watson make great plays! This was ridiculous.

How can we explain this? The Detroit Lions picked off Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins in the red zone but the Lions were flagged for pass interference. The only problem is that the Vikings receiver went out of bounds, which should have negated the pass interference call, but sadly that was not the case.

We get it. Officiating is hard, but it shouldn’t be this hard. This is the NFL and the shield deserves better than what we had to endure in Week 7. Make these poor officials full-time or something so that they have one job and that is to call these games even remotely correctly. As long as these officials are part-time, expect this sort of on-field madness to continue.

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