Dolphins-Redskins tickets are going for price of a large pizza

Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins

You can tell how bad a team is through its ticket prices, and the Redskins/Dolphins game is so terrible that tickets are going for $20.45.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: The Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins are brown paper bag-bad this season.

We expected this from the Dolphins, as they were supposed to be in a taking year. Yet, the tanking has been so bad that after its Week 1 blowout loss to the Baltimore Ravens, half the team wanted to be traded. The Redskins’ 0-5 record wasn’t expected. Washington was supposed to be in contention for a Wild Card spot this season.

Those dreams are dashed now.

So here were are, with a Week 6 showdown between the last two winless teams in the NFL going down in Miami. Can we all scream for joy? You can gauge fan interest in a game from its ticket prices, and after a quick look, ticket prices for Redskins/Dolphins are now selling for $20.45.

Yes, for the price of a Pizza Hut large pizza, you can buy an upper corner ticket to possibly the worst matchup of the season.

These are truly desperate times in South Florida.

Granted, it’s been hard to sellout Hard Rock Stadium the past few seasons, given the Dolphins’ infinite rebuild, but still, ticket prices remained at a spot where it seemed like South Floridians were still interested in their NFL team.

Not so much now.

There are plenty of other things you could spend your hard-earned $20.45 on. You could go to the movies, fill your gas tank up, literally take it and flush it down the toilet, any one of those things would be a better way to spend $20.45 than watching these two dreadful teams try to play something remotely resembling NFL football.

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Yet, I suspect some desperate Dolphins fans will take up this rare, depressing offer.

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