What are the Seahawks wearing on TNF?

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks opted to wear their “Action Green” uniforms on Thursday Night Football, despite having one of the best default jerseys in the NFL.

When the NFL decided to play games every Thursday night, they decided to make teams wear color rush uniforms where teams would wear a jersey with one, singular color. Reviews were mixed, and it created a weird viewing experience for their color blinded fans. They discarded this mandate last season to universal praise, finally eliminating fans from the mustard uniforms the Jacksonville Jaguars were forced to wear.

The Seattle Seahawks apparently didn’t get the memo and are rocking their “Action Green” uniforms tonight against the Los Angeles Rams. Instead of wearing their typical navy blue-on navy blue, one of the best combos in the NFL, they trotted their players out in neon highlighter colors that are blinding in the overcast Seattle skies.

They aren’t as horrific as other color rush combinations, but these Shrek colored unis make the highlighter-tie Digger Phelps combos to another level. To their credit, the Seahawks are 3-0 in these uniforms. Perhaps the neon green is some sort of good luck, but if that was the case they’d wear them more frequently than four times in their franchise’s history.

All in all, it’s nice to see one team continuing the NFL’s color rush tradition continuing, and if the team continues to have success rocking these lime green alternates, we may see them more down the road.  In a game with plenty of division outlook, they’ll need the lucky unis to come through or Seattle will fall to 3-2 and third place in the NFC West.

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