NFL power rankings, Week 5: Saints rise, Ravens fall

NFL Power Rankings

The New Orleans Saints are showing the mettle of a title contender, while the Baltimore Ravens are rapidly wilting against better teams.


Miami Dolphins 0-4

Last week: L, 30-10 vs. LAC
Last rank: 32nd

The Dolphins are barely a football team.


New York Jets 0-3

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 31st

New York finally avoided an ugly loss this past weekend.


Cincinnati Bengals 0-4

Last week: L, 27-3 at PIT
Last rank: 30th

The Bengals aren’t good in any way. Time for a full-scale rebuild.


Denver Broncos 0-4

Last week: L, 26-24 vs. JAX
Last rank: 29th

Denver has lost two ridiculous games at home. It’s going to be a long year.


Arizona Cardinals 0-3-1

Last week: L, 27-10 vs. SEA
Last rank: 28th

Can’t block, can’t play defense. Not a great combo.


Washington Redskins 0-4

Last week: L, 24-3 at NYG
Last rank: 27th

The Redskins couldn’t have put Dwayne Haskins in a worse spot for his first career start.


Pittsburgh Steelers 1-3

Last week: W, 27-3 vs. CIN
Last rank: 25th

The Steelers finally win, but it’s the Bengals. Let’s not go nuts.


Atlanta Falcons 1-3

Last week: L, 24-10 vs. TEN
Last rank: 18th

Atlanta should be so much better than this, but the coaching and lines are a huge issue.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2

Last week: W, 55-40 at LAR
Last rank: 26th

The Buccaneers looked terrific for much of Sunday. Can they be consistent?


Oakland Raiders 2-2

Last week: W, 28-21 at IND
Last rank: 24th

Oakland played great against Indianapolis. Now a date with the Bears.


New York Giants 2-2

Last week: W, 24-3 vs. WSH
Last rank: 23rd

It was Washington, but the Giants’ defense looked fantastic for the first time in years.


Carolina Panthers 2-2

Last week: W, 16-10 at HOU
Last rank: 22nd

Kyle Allen is keeping the Panthers afloat. Terrific job by him.


Indianapolis Colts 2-2

Last week: L, 28-21 vs. OAK
Last rank: 11th

Colts fall hard this week. Can’t lose at home to the Raiders, regardless of injuries.


Baltimore Ravens 2-2

Last week: L, 40-25 vs.CLE
Last rank: 9th

The Ravens come down 10 spots. After beating up on two powderpuffs, Baltimore is getting handled easily.


Cleveland Browns 2-2

Last week: W, 40-25 at BAL
Last rank: 21st

Impressive job by Cleveland. Went into Baltimore and laid the smackdown.


Houston Texans 2-2

Last week: L, 16-10 vs. CAR
Last rank: 13th

Houston still can’t block. How is this possible?


Tennessee Titans 2-2

Last week: W, 24-10 at ATL
Last rank: 20th

Tennessee with a quality win away from home. The Titans need that version of Marcus Mariota every week.


Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2

Last week: W, 26-24 at DEN
Last rank: 19th

Gardner Minshew is for real.


Los Angeles Chargers 2-2

Last week: W, 30-10 at MIA
Last rank: 17th

The Chargers beat the Dolphins, let’s not throw a party.


Minnesota Vikings 2-2

Last week: L, 16-6 at CHI
Last rank: 6th

If Kirk Cousins can’t complete passes, it’s over.


Detroit Lions 2-1-1

Last week: L, 34-30 vs. KC
Last rank: 16th

The Lions move up four spots despite a loss. Great showing against Kansas City.


Seattle Seahawks 3-1

Last week: W, 27-10 at AZ
Last rank: 15th

Seattle bounced back after an ugly loss with a resounding victory. Well done.


Buffalo Bills 3-1

Last week: L, 16-10 vs. NE
Last rank: 7th

Buffalo has a terrific defense. The offense is another story entirely.


Philadelphia Eagles 2-2

Last week: W, 34-27 at GB
Last rank: 12th

Philadelphia might have the league’s best roster when Carson Wentz is right.


Chicago Bears 3-1

Last week: W, 16-6 vs. MIN
Last rank: 10th

The offense scares nobody, but the defense is making the ’85 unit proud.


San Francisco 49ers 3-0

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 8th

The Niners try to stay undefeated with the Browns coming to town.


New Orleans Saints 3-1

Last week: W, 12-10 vs. DAL
Last rank: 14th

Nobody climbed more than the Saints. Great showing without Drew Brees for the second straight week.


Los Angeles Rams 3-1

Last week: L, 55-40 vs. TB
Last rank: 4th

The Rams offense is in trouble with Jared Goff and Todd Gurley.


Green Bay Packers 3-1

Last week: L, 34-27 vs. PHI
Last rank: 5th

Green Bay leaps Los Angeles in the rankings, but the offense needs to do more in the second halves of games.


Dallas Cowboys 3-1

Last week: L, 12-10 at NO
Last rank: 3rd

Dallas stays at No. 3. The Cowboys lost a tough game in a hostile environment. Still believe they are the NFC’s best right now.


Kansas City Chiefs 4-0

Last week: W, 34-30 at DET
Last rank: 2nd

The Chiefs lost three fumbles in one quarter, all in their own territory, on the road. They still won.


New England Patriots 4-0

Last week: W, 16-10 at BUF
Last rank: 1st

Even when Tom Brady stinks, the Patriots find their way home.

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