NFL Week 3: 10 great prop bets to make you money

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Here are 10 interesting prop bets for Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

The NFL has evened out a little bit, which makes betting on it a little easier. We know which teams are good (for the most part), and we really know which teams are bad. That means we really know which teams to bet against. We know the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and New York Giants are next-level bad. We know the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys are locks to crush it against bad teams.

This week, we have ample opportunities to make a lot of money on the NFL. No, it’s not on straight up matchups. The spreads are insane, and Vegas (or wherever your sportsbook lives) is begging people to put money on the Cowboys with a 23-point line. Also, then you’re sweating through garbage time to see if Josh Rosen can find a wide receiver who can catch.

It’s much more fun to bet on stats, and to see what some of these players might do.

You can actually bet on what certain players are going to do from game to game. This may be a lot more fun, and could make you a lot more money if you play your cards right. Sportsbooks know that only the most expert bettors are going to spend the time going through each player’s over/under and actually doing the research to see where to put the bets.

Here, we will do that research for you. Which players are going to make the best bets this week?

Ezekiel Elliot to get 100+ rushing yards (-113)

The Miami Dolphins are terrible. That’s not a surprise. They are especially bad against the run. Miami is the worst team against the run in the league, giving up more than 195 yards per game. Ezekiel Elliott was starting to shake off the rust in Week 2. He ran for 111 yards against the Washington Redskins. His average per carry is about where it’s been in years past (4.6 ypc this season, 4.7 ypc last season). Elliott is going to eat this week, and we think he could get 100 yards in the first half.

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