Will any team sign Antonio Brown now?

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Antonio Brown is now looking for his third team of 2019 after being cut by the New England Patriots today, and it’s hard to see who (if anyone) will offer the talented wide receiver a new home.

The Antonio Brown situation has become a truly bizarre saga surrounding this 2019 season. After being cut by the Oakland Raiders after a strange training camp headlined by helmet issues and frostbite, Brown’s tenure with the New England Patriots came to an end after just 11 days this afternoon.

The Patriots thought they’d be getting a bargain with Brown, who looked unhappy in Oakland and acted out to force his way into a better situation. Brown got the best situation possible with the Patriots, only for it to unravel when he was named in a civil lawsuit for a rape allegation and was caught sending threatening text messages to an artist who worked for him a few years ago.

With all of that new baggage in the mix, its very possible that Brown’s NFL career is over. Brown is a very radioactive presence around a locker room these days, and any team that adds him would create a massive distraction.

The Patriots were supposedly one of the few teams equipped to handle the sideshow that is Brown, especially with their whole culture of the “Patriot Way,” and they parted ways with him after just 11 days. If the best run organization in the league has decided they can’t deal with Brown’s act, it’s hard to imagine anyone else will follow suit and give Brown a third chance in 2019.

You can never, however, rule out that one desperate team that thinks Brown can be the difference between making and missing the playoffs. It’s hard to see who that is right now, however, so don’t be shocked if it takes Brown a long time to land another job.

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