Jamal Adams is distancing himself from Jets

New York Jets

The New York Jets are 0-2, and one of the team’s most vocal players has begun to distance himself from the mess by unfollowing them on social media.

When you think of big name players on the New York Jets, one person who comes to mind is safety Jamal Adams. Adams, the Jets’ first round pick in 2017, has emerged as one of football’s best safeties and has been bleeding green and white since he entered the league, even helping recruit Le’Veon Bell in free agency last spring.

It appears that the team’s poor start has frustrated Adams, who has unfollowed the Jets on all social media platforms and edited his bios to remove references to the team.

It’s unclear what motivated Adams to remove references to the Jets from his social media accounts, but it certainly can’t be good. Adams has been a vocal leader on the team since his arrival, and the fact that he is trying to distance himself from the mess that the Jets have turned into once again is alarming.

It’s unclear at this point if Adams is preparing to pull a Jalen Ramsey and force a trade away from the Jets, but we should get some kind of answers from Adams this afternoon. Adams does a weekly radio spot on WFAN in New York, and you can bet that he will be asked about why he unfollowed the team there.

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This mess is also the latest sign things could spiral out of control with the Jets, who are already down to their third string quarterback and are 0-2 with their next four games coming against the Patriots (twice), Eagles, and Cowboys. The Jets have won just nine games since Adams entered the league, so it seems like all the losing has started to wear on him.

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