Will the Steelers fall to 0-2 this week, and what bets should you make before Week 2?

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Stacking The Box huddles up to talk about the biggest things we saw in Week 1 before looking ahead at what this NFL weekend will bring.


After a long summer wait, football is finally back in our lives. We’re only a week into the season, but already things are happening that seem like they’ll have a deep impact in where things stand at the end of the year.

Specifically, teams we all thought might get off to hot starts landed with loud thuds in Week 1. Cleveland Browns fans are reeling after a 30-point home loss to the Titans (1:05), while the Steelers are legit candidates to start the season 0-2 after what we saw on Sunday night (40:40).

Lamar Jackson reintroduced himself to the NFL with a five-touchdown performance, but Geoff isn’t convinced things will stay this way (5:05). Jason Witten also dropped by to talk about how Dak Prescott is elite (26:14). Meanwhile, if you’re looking to bet on Week 2 action, the crew gives their best bets of the week (16:35) as does Just Blog Baby editor Brad Weiss (56:00).

Other things the Stacking The Box crew discussed this week include:

  • Holy crap, the Raiders actually looked good (7:30)
  • Mitchell Trubisky has a tough bounce-back matchup against Denver (42:55)
  • There’s a decent chance Miami gives up another 50-points (45:30)
  • Week 1 overreactions (61:50)

All this and more!

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