Is Dak Prescott is a top tier quarterback?

Dallas Cowboys

After stepping away for a year to do Monday Night Football, Jason Witten is back in the NFL and is ready for Dak Prescott to lead the Cowboys.

Jason Witten knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two. Specifically, he’s seen two Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks who might both go down as franchise legends.

Tony Romo’s connection with Witten during their career was so legendary that A Tribe Called Quest immortalized it in a verse. Now Witten is paired up with the future of the Cowboys — Dak Prescott.

Questions have been asked about whether or not Prescott is capable of not only being in the top tier of quarterbacks in the NFL but if he should be paid like one. Witten didn’t crunch the financial value of his quarterback but wants it known that he thinks he’s up there with the other guys who are getting big contracts.

“[Dak] is in control of the entire offense, he’s in command. He seeing coverage, he knows where he wants to go with the ball and has a lot of confidence in his weapons,” Witten told FanSided’s Matt Verderame. “I think he is in that top tier of quarterbacks.”

He also touched on what brought him back to the NFL after a year working for ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

“When the Monday Night Football situation came up, I think a lot of us after having played for fifteen years would really have to consider something like that,” Witten said. “It was always in the back of my mind that I have something more to give to a team.”

Aside from still having the passion for football burning within him, Witten mentioned he wasn’t forced from the game, unlike many other players-turned-announcers.

Witten is doing the rounds to promote Courtyard’s Super Bowl Sleepover Contest, where this year, Courtyard is searching for a game-changing friendship to award one winner as well as three friends the opportunity of a lifetime to wake up on Super Bowl Sunday inside the stadium. JasonWitten/status/ 1171481664041570304

Whether or not Witten is at the Super Bowl as a player or as a contest winner seems to rely on how close to that top tier Prescott really is.

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