Twitter reacts fiercely to Raiders releasing Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown was released by the Oakland Raiders on Saturday morning, and Twitter has exploded on the subject.

Antonio Brown is officially a free agent after what might have been one of the most ridiculous tenures for a player the NFL has ever seen, especially since the superstar receiver never stepped on the field for the Raiders in a real game.

And for a story that looked dead a few times, the internet was not sure how to react to the news that Oakland had cut ties with their biggest offseason acquisition.

And to think, Julio Jones thought he’d be getting the day to relish his new contract extension, but instead, the internet is including him in on the troll.

Then, reports started to surface that the early favorites to sign AB is the Patriots and that’s when things start to get nuclear.

uhh, I’m sorry what?

But the team that likely got the last laugh was the Steelers, who must be feeling pretty good right now knowing they don’t have to deal with any of this.

Whoever signs Brown will be getting one of the most polarizing players in the last decade, a player who was regarded as the best at his position, but had never really been seen as a diva until this past year. Now, Brown is still a valuable player and a difference-maker on the field, but off the field is where he’s going to make the most noise. And while a team like the Patriots could do a great job of silencing some of that, that might not be what Antonio Brown wants to do.

And if one thing is clear, AB is going to do whatever is he wants to do. Hard to keep “booming” when you aren’t getting paid though.

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