Tom Brady carried big hat energy to preseason game

New England Patriots

Tom Brady draws plenty of attention for his fashion choices, and Thursday night he did not disappoint with a nice, big hat.

Outside of his unique diet, which helps him to defy the odds and has set him up to play well into his 40s, Tom Brady’s fashion choices draw a lot of interest and intrigue on a weekly basis. His wife Gisele Bundchen seems to have some influence on what he wears, based on his progression in style over the course of his career, but that’s unclear at best.

The New England Patriots played the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night, in an otherwise meaningless preseason game outside of Cam Newton being injured during it. The Panthers, of course, have their own boldly “fashion-forward” quarterback in Newton, to the point what he’s wearing regularly makes it hard to focus on what he says in his post-game press conferences and fosters plenty of social media reaction each week.

When Brady arrived at Gillette Stadium before Thursday night’s game, he appeared to be channeling (or perhaps trolling) Newton’s hat choices. And naturally, it was noticed immediately.

When Brady went to the podium to speak after the game, Twitter had plenty of reaction and jokes regarding his hat.

The Caddyshack “free bowl of soup”, Thurston Howell III, “must have lost a bet” or general hipster jokes, and the “accusations” of copying Newton or raiding his closet, are almost too obvious.

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As with anything Brady does, his hat choice on Thursday was surely planned and calculated since the Patriots were going to play the Panthers and Newton. Credit to him for going with it though, knowing what the reaction would be, and pulling it off the way he did. Big hat energy is real, and Brady tapped into it nicely.

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